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Directed Equity’s signature programs—directEDUCATE and directINVEST—provide the smartest, fasted path to capitalization for clients and loan closures for our loyal referral partners.

The beauty of a partnership with Directed Equity is we do the heavy lifting: pre-qualifying retirement funds, business setup, paperwork, transactions, tax planning, and ongoing support. Our professional, self-directed 401(k) educators work with you and your borrower, as well as any designated accountants and attorneys, to ensure proper legal procedures from start to finish.

Here’s a glimpse into how a typical transaction works:

  1. Refer to Directed Equity a client with insufficient liquidity for a small business bank loan.
  2. Through directEDUCATE, Directed Equity pre-qualifies client to invest in a select franchise or proven business opportunity.
  3. Client uses 401(k) or other retirement funds to invest in business.
  4. Directed Equity establishes C corporation, oversees the rollover and investment, and facilitates all documentation for client via directINVEST.
  5. You take credit for closing another loan and connecting your client to a viable business opportunity.

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