Get endorsed to get more business

Our endorsement program for franchisors, directENDORSE, is Directed Equity’s way of putting a stamp of approval on quality franchise businesses. This 10-step financial “vetting” system covers everything from executive leadership to finance-ability, and means your business is pre-approved for all the lending options provided by Directed Equity.

Our directENDORSE program works collaboratively to increase franchise sales and candidate qualification by validating businesses and streamlining the pre-screening process required to match the right candidates with the right lending solutions. Leveraging our lending matrix, which “scores” buyers based on commitment, capacity, collateral, cash flow and credit, along with our extensive lending network, Directed Equity secures lending for 95% of applications. The directENDORSE program supports lead generation for franchisors, resulting to increased network validation and second location openings.

Here are just some of the companies who have been vetted through Directed Equity’s directENDORSE.

Recently Funded Franchise Businesses

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