Who we serve

A community of entrepreneurs

Directed Equity sees small business financing as a community of mutually beneficial partnerships that can continue to fuel an inspired, entrepreneurial American economy.

We’re in the business of adding value to what was once a mere transaction—buying, selling or investing in a franchise or independent business. We’re dedicated to helping lenders, businesses, and franchise candidates achieve long-term financial gain through a process we’ve put to the test for over a decade.

Because we understand each aspect of small business and intentionally serve all of its key players, Directed Equity provides a more comprehensive set of services to ensure each party limits risk and benefits from the knowledge of our network of financial experts.

Our signature, all-inclusive self-directed retirement funding process designed to guide investors through the process, deliver qualified buyers to franchisors, and offer referral partners a go-to plan for helping clients turn restricted money into powerful liquidity.

Ensures that franchisees and prospective business owners can not only qualify for self-directed 401(k) financing, but also understand how it works for future business expansion and personal wealth accumulation.

Helps franchisors and business owners obtain Directed Equity’s seal of approval for attracting the best buyers.