Filling The Funding Gaps

Helping you close more loans

We haven’t met a bank development officer yet who wouldn’t like a higher loan close rate. You know the equation that adds up in today’s lending environment: increased liquidity creates better borrowing strength, which leads to a higher loan acceptance and close rates. It’s a win-win: You achieve your business goals when you help your clients do the same.

Imagine removing today’s barriers to liquidity for your clients—and boosting your own sales goals—simply by partnering with Directed Equity. We handle every aspect of self-directed 401(k) financing designed for your small-business borrower. Clients interested in starting, buying or expanding a business may also leverage an IRA, 403(b), 457, simplified employee pension plan (SEP), thrift savings plan (TSP), pension plan or other approved retirement saving vehicle—without tax or early withdrawal penalties.

Ready to become a referral partner and launch your sales status into the stratosphere? Call us today to learn more.