Leverage your 401(k) funds… and set yourself free!

Make your retirement funds work for you now—without taxes, penalty or debt. Our self-directed 401(k) program, directINVEST, will provide the structure to begin leveraging your existing 401(k), IRA or other qualified pre-tax retirement savings to fund a franchise or other small business. Let our lending pros help you connect with your next opportunity.

If you have money in a 401(k), IRA, profit-sharing or pension plan, directINVEST will unlock those funds to capitalize your new business. You can use your money for initial franchise fees, equipment, lease-hold improvements, working capital or other expenses. Best of all, directINVEST allows you to tap retirement funds without the taxes and penalties that can cost up to 50% of your money if taken as a distribution.

directINVEST Benefits:

  • Invest retirement funds in your business without tax or penalties
  • Gain financial value and freedom from owning your own business
  • Accumulate wealth
  • Plan for retirement
  • Profit from tax deferrals
  • Attract and retain quality employees

As specialists in governmentally approved self-directed 401(k) financing, we work with individuals every day who have retirement funds that they’re ready to invest in a new business opportunity, but they just don’t know how to get started. Directed Equity uses the proprietary directINVEST model to transform that fear into financial freedom, customizing each entrepreneur’s financing plan. Our attorneys, CPAs and financing experts guide franchisee candidates through the intricacies of establishing a plan, unlocking funds, tax and retirement considerations, wealth accumulation, and the employee-retention benefits of the directINVEST program.