Because knowledge is power

Directed Equity provides a personalized, one-on-one webinar to help franchise candidates choose the best financing option for their next business venture. directEDUCATE is designed to walk entrepreneurs through 401(k), SBA, conventional and equipment financing to achieve mid and long-term financial goals, along with key tax planning and wealth accumulation strategies.

At Directed Equity, we’ve always done things a little differently. Our goal is to build a relationship – to become your best long-term funding partner. It’s what sets us apart from other single-transaction lenders, and ultimately it’s why we enjoy a 98% satisfaction rate among our franchisor partners and a 100% referral rate. By giving our clients the information they need up front in a straightforward way, we assist you in developing a funding strategy to achieve both immediate and long-term objectives. In fact, after successfully positioning an entrepreneur for an initial business investment, we regularly work with clients to fund second and third franchise locations.

Ready to take the next step?

Once you’ve gone through the directEDUCATE process and have qualified for self-directed 401(k) funding or other financing option, our team will take you to the next step in the business funding process. The directINVEST program includes full management of all financial transactions, legal paperwork and tax planning to leverage your retirement savings investment and ensure you make the smartest, most informed business decisions.