Success Stories

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One of the best ways to validate what Directed Equity does is to hear it straight from the mouths of our happy clients—new entrepreneurs. Our company enjoys a 98% client satisfaction rate, and our successful entrepreneurs may inspire your own journey to financial freedom. Here are just a few of Directed Equity’s recent success stories—people just like you who saw an opportunity to build their own businesses, become their own bosses, and create the lifestyles and retirements they dreamed of.

I have been so impressed from beginning to end with this whole process.
Directed Equity has an amazing process from beginning to end. The people are so knowledgeable and helpful. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for working on 401(k) rollovers.
Swarthmore, PA
The process was seamless, the staff was helpful, and in-person briefing was very informational. This company takes pride in what they do and they are in this business to help small business owners, like myself. As a veteran, this was greatly appreciated.
Peyton, CO
Helpful and nice team overall!
Directed Equity handled my case with professionalism and attention. I would recommend any individual considering using their 401(k) to capitalize their business to engage them.

Yvette I.
Hackensack, NJ
Highly Recommend!
Directed Equity helped me from beginning to end with my countless questions regarding my 401(k) and starting a new business. Thanks to the Directed Equity team, my business is up and running. Great service and reliable advice.

Katy J.
Yorktown, VA
Directed Equity helped me get into a business with capital that I thought would not be usable for 25 years. Happy that I found this very professional group.

Scott A.
Englewood, CO
Great experience with Directed Equity moving from a newly retired individual with a 401(k) who wanted to take control of his destiny and not relay on the government or financial industry telling him what to do and how to do it.

James P.
Granbury, TX
I look forward to working with the Directed Equity team in the future.
Directed Equity has succeeded in condensing the 401(k) conversion process into a very efficient, precise business process, making it easy for the new company owner to structure a new corporation aligned to IRS and Federal standards/compliance.

Monty W.
Falls Church, VA
The entire team was very helpful and responsive.
Directed Equity gave me a thoughtful education on financing options for my new franchise. They took the time to get to know me first and then tailored their discussion to my situation. They gladly answered my follow up questions and helped me get everything set up quickly and easily.

Denise D.
Darnestown, MD
"Everyone within the organization was very proficient, thorough and on track."
Directed Equity was as professional, knowledgeable, and on point of any company that I have ever worked with throughout my business career. Directed Equity truly personifies Trusted Advisor!

Gary A.
Canton, OH
Delighted from start to finish!
Directed Equity was able to help create a corporation with my 401(k)! The guidance provided was excellent.

Gary G.
Collinsville, IL